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Retail displays that tell a story can increase sales by as much as 30%. A good retail display will bring your merchandise to life. If it’s well thought out and designed the passion of your product will ooze out. It will allow the customer to have a small taste of what your merchandise can do for them. It will captivate their imagination and pull them in to look at more. A good retail display will make a customer feel joy, bring back childhood memories, feel special, feel more powerful, feel thirsty or hungry, think about someone special in their life or make them feel good about doing something good. It’s all about emotions.

Different substrates will illicit different emotions. Acrylics evoke luxury. Cardboard evokes a back to basics and earth friendly look. Wood and metal are solid and powerful. Combinations of any of these are done to develop the perfect look for your merchandise. It’s all a bit of art and science perfectly put together.

Content is King in displays and signage. Make sure your content is engaging and meaningful. It must capture the imagination as much as the visuals do. Ensure your signage and graphics deliver the message you want to convey: an educational piece, the benefits of the merchandise to the customer or to the environment, whether it’s easy to use, fast-acting, long lasting or any other benefit that will attract a customer.

At Acryl Design we are passionate about displays. We do custom displays in all substrates but our main focus is in acrylic and cardboards with accents from all substrates. We take the time to understand the story of your merchandise. We get the feel of the product. And then we design, manufacture and produce the ‘environment’ for your product or service. We love our work and we believe you will love our designs.

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