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The University of Manitoba Space Applications and Technology Society (UMSATS) is a university student group that foster space exploration at the University of Manitoba. They are designing, building, and testing components for the satellite. UMSATS are supported by external advisors, outreach partners, the consumer (Canadian Satellite Design Challenge), suppliers/manufacturers, and more.

Silver Sponsor

Acryl Design Ltd. is a proud silver sponsor for the the UMBUG mission satellite! We manufactured the lens for the tardigrade experiment to provide 5x magnification of all pictures taken of the tardigrades. The lens characteristics were designed by Scott McKay (Payload Coordinator) and then refined with the help of experts from Acryl Design Ltd.

Acryl Design Ltd. was glad to be a part of this special project. We gave support, advised on the lens design and was able to meet their very tight deadline.

The Lens

The lens was manufactured out of Optical Grade Lexan material ñ a highly durable polycarbonate resin that has been used in many space applications including the helmets used by NASAís Apollo mission astronauts.

Scott McKay examines the lens upon arrival. He was so excited he had to examine the envelope instead of waiting to get to the lab.UMSATS



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