SodaStream Trade Show Booths

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We designed, constructed and installed all the trade show booths for SodaStream across Canada. The 8′ wall panels are made of FalconboardÆ which is a strong, high-quality graphic display material. Panels are connected using plastic extrusions creating any configuration possible. Panels were printed direclty to each panels at our in-house print shop. Each trade show had varying size booths. Our wall panel system allowed for custom designs for each. Our wall panel system is lightweight and easily set up & taken down requiring no tools. We also designed & produced all the countertop tables. These tables are easily set up.

Recent Trade Shows:

  • Delicious Food Show
  • Canadian Tire Home & Auto Show
  • Grocery Showcase West
  • National Home Show
  • Staples Vendor Fairs
  • London Drugs Conferences
  • Walmart Vendor Fairs
  • Toronto CGTA Gift Show
  • EPIC Expo

Project Period: September 2009 – May 2014


Custom Designed Trade Show Booths

We specialize in design and production of trade show booths and exhibits. We provide complete design, construction and installation of trade show and exhibits. Panel sizes can be reused many times as they conform to standard booth sizes. Panels are easily connected and are lightweight construction. Our trade show booths are innovative and economical! They’re visually stunning, financially desirable, and simplifies the sales and design process.



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