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We provide a service aimed to understand our customer’s goals, needs, and budget constraints. Our understanding allows us to blend this information together with years of experience into the design and fabrication of each project. We have helped companies transform ideas into innovative new products.  Send us a drawing/sketch or call us with a description or idea of what you are after.  Our team will provide you with the innovative and technical support to ensure your project gets done right.


Design & Development

We have the experience & knowledge to assist you with component design for all size projects. For larger projects, we can produce prototypes and models by various rapid prototype methods and CNC machining processes. Our in-house capabilities and established relationships with quality sub-contractors will handle all the requirements needed to finish your project.



We are one of the best in the business and are experienced in all aspects of fabrication including: cutting, bonding, CNC routing, bending, vacuum forming, drape forming, drilling, polishing and pressure forming. Come visit our manufacturing plant to see the craftsmanship and level of detail that goes into every project.

Our plastic machining capabilities are cutting edge. Through our advanced plastics machining techniques, we are able to get the highest performance from our state-of-the-art CADCAM software and our CNC machines & routers. Many of our customers are manufacturers who subcontract with us to machine parts

Our facility is completely climate-controlled. By monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity levels, we prevent the environment changes that affect plastics machining accuracy and repeatability. We can meet the most stringent specification or produce the most intricate consumer product.

Podiums & more!

Graceful, elegant, professional podiums and lecterns will make your audience sit up and pay attention.


Prototypes, scientific, medical, research, developmental, we have 30 years of ingenuity to put to good use for you.

Custom Displays

Permanent, semi-permanent, temporary, electronic, fun, informative, creative, artsy, businesslike, professional custom displays.