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(Also known as Polycarbonate)

cnrail01Polycarbonate is best known for its impact resistance but also includes other properties like optical transparency, excellent creep resistance, wide temperature limits, high dimensional stability, good electrical characteristics and self-extinguishing behavior. Polycarbonate’s good heat resistance offers a high melt temperature (does require higher processing temperatures). Polycarbonates are sensitive to Hydrolysis at these higher temperatures, this requires additional vented equipment to pre-dry the material prior to any heat processing. This will avoid bubbles or other blemishes on finished parts. Applications include windows, lenses, CD’s, safety helmets, signs, aircraft parts and machine guards.


  • Excellent impact resistance (250 times stronger than glass)
  • Very good optical properties
  • Ability to be cold formed in thinner gauges
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • UV resistant

Main Applications:

  • Building (glazing and domes)
  • Industry (machine protection and fabricated parts)
  • Communication and signage

Common Uses:

  • Space and sports helmets
  • Clear high-performance windshields
  • Aircraft canopies
  • Motor vehicle headlight lenses
  • Bullet-resistant windows.

Source: http://www.plasticsintl.com/polycarbonate.htm