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Corrugated cardboard is a rigid shipping and packaging medium that can be cut and folded into an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, constructed to an almost scientific specification, even allowing direct print with high resolution graphics.

fxr01Corrugated cardboard offers almost unlimited possible combinations of board types, flute sizes, paper weights, adhesive types, treatments and coatings. Corrugated is a natural, environmentally friendly material with an unbeatable record for recycling and recovery. Corrugated Board is made from papers made up from cellulose fibres, which are virgin or recycled. This makes corrugated a renewable natural resource.

It is an extremely flexible medium that accommodates a wide range of printing options to fully support the end user requirements. Corrugated can be printed by Flexographic, litho and silk screen.

  • C-Flute is by far the most common corrugated flute because of its versatility. It’s an acceptable surface to print on and is strong enough for most shipping situations. It’s not great at folding in the direction of the fluting, but is still adequate for most users. C-Flute is 3/16” thick.
  • B-Flute is a little bit smaller at 1/8” thick, and it is used for smaller products and boxes. It’s better for folding into intricate shapes and for printing, so this is the flute usually seen for Point-Of-Purchase (P.O.P.) displays or for cardboard cut outs.
  • E-Flute is very thin at 3/32” thick. It’s very easy to fold and is excellent for printing. It’s used as the primary packaging for many smaller boxes, such as a pizza box.